PARTNER PACKAGE is intended for domestic and international organizations and enables a more efficient access to business community and institutions supporting SME sector development. Package activities contribute to strategic planning of clusters in Serbia, business associations capacity building and sustainable economic development. It consists of:


Basic Package:

  • Business information
  • Business correspondence
  • Database of clusters in Serbia
  • Database of associations and SMEs
  • Mediation and logistics for meetings
  • Organizing meetings and presentations
  • Banner on Cluster House web portal
  • Promotion at the national Infocluster Magazine


Advance Package:

  • Support in project / program set up
  • Professional and logistic support of Cluster House
  • Filling- in forms and preparation of project proposals for users
  • Project monitoring and evaluation for organizations
  • Organizing trainings, workshops and meetings
  • Organizing conferences, roundtables and forums
  • Organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, shows
  • Production of TV-shows according to the needs of projects / programs