"ROMANIAN TEXTILE CONCEPT" is a professional association founded in 2011 by the unconditional agreement of 10 founding companies, manufacturing companies with old traditions in the garments, knitwear, footwear and leather goods industry from the Bucharest - Ilfov area, which have found this form to formalize the collaborative relationships they already had.

With the EU integration, the light industry companies had to adopt a different position towards the foreign market, namely to aim towards a medium and high price segment, which in fact corresponds to a high quality level and a strong brand image. Only the strong and united industries will find resources to invest in marketing, promotion, creation and design. The individual companies, especially the small and medium ones that usually compose the industry, do not have the power to impose themselves on a mature market.

For this reason we felt that adopting a form of organization in the association constitutes an environment for solving various common problems: communication, marketing, etc., which can lead to successful business.


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