Green Chamber of Serbia

Identification number PIB 107180213
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 23.05.2013
Organisational form Assosiation
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Nevena Božić
Address Požeška 83a, Čukarica, Beograd
Phone +381 11 3541 439
Mobile +381 62 88 47 573
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Mission Ultimate goal and the position of the “Green Chamber of Serbia “ derive from the imperative need of integrated environmental management

The basic idea for the formation of the “Green Chamber of Serbia” is based on filling gaps in scientific and professional space between practically -oriented engineering personnel, who operates in a real processes of material production and service engineering activities and fundamentally oriented professionals and research participants from a wide range of areas of the environmental protection.

Strategic objectives

Basic working principles of members of the “Green Chambers”

• adherence to laws and other regulations and standards , scientific and professional settings , rules and ethical standards of the Chamber ;
• respecting the cultural and historical heritage of the environment ;
• Ecological and any other safety, health and well-being of people and the protection of the environment and property ;
• rationalizing and finding economically viable solutions ;
• accountability and fairness in the business ,
• improvement of professional knowledge and the development of general and technical culture.

Nr of active members 50
Structure of active members

“Green Chamber” members are graduated : ecologists , biologists , environmental analysts , landscape architecture engineers , urban planners , graduates ub physics -  chemistry , energy experts , hydrology engineers , nuclear physicists , botanists ... as well as a wide range of diverse occupations and orientation specialized in environmental media .

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Reference / key projects

Specialized courses : Project investment management , Assessment of environmental impacts ;
Eco Innovation - administered projects: BioBeton , innovative technological process of recycling industrial nickel -cadmium batteries

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