Society of Mountaineers “Jelasnicka klisura (gorge)”

Identification number PIB 102550564
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 23/12/2005
Organisational form

Civic Association

Sports Association – Mountaineering

Educational Program

Sustainable Rural Development
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Ljubisav Stojanovic

18 206 Jelasnica, Nis, Serbia



Mobile 064/99-08-307
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“Get to Know Your Homeland In Order to Love It More

“Let’s Preserve Rare and Endemic Plants in Parks of Nature – Stara Mountain, Jelasnica and Sicevo Gorges “

Training of pupils and students

Training of population from rural areas
Strategic objectives

Preservation of urban – rural areas

Preservation and protection of the environment
Nr of active members 45
Structure of active members

University Professors, Primary and High School Teachers, Students

Membership location Nis and surrounding places ( Prokuplje, Leskovac, Jelasnica, Niska Banja ... )
Services organisation is offering to its members

Professional seminars approved by Ministry of Education“Natural – Geographic – Vegetative Characteristics and Ethno Trail of Southeast Serbia topics: (“Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine of Southeast Serbia“

“Protected Natural Goods of Parks of Nature: Stara Mountain, Jelasnica and Sicevo Gorges “

“St. Sava’s School – Opening Doors of Oblivion With Magic Key – Words”

“Eco-ethno Village Set Up“

“Rural Eco Tourism Program Demonstration“

“Rock Climbing – Alpinism Demonstration”

Summer Eco School – Get to Know Serbia“ ( for pupils and students, 7 – 29 old, living or temporarily staying abroad and in the region, including pupils and students from Republic of Serbia. Pupils and students from other countries are welcome to attend).

Main partners
Reference / key projects

Program of Sustainable Rural Development

Educational Workshops related to biology, geography, history, ecology, basic Serbian language and literacy, tourism, archeology and architecture.

Cultural and Educational Workshops related to stzding old crafts = shoemaking, pottery, woodcutting, icons making, weaving (various items like clothes and carpets), wool knitting (socks, sweaters, hats), cooking ( various traditional dishes and bread), preparation of traditional pickled salads, jams and juices ( various types of fruits and vegetables)

Cultural and Educational Trainings for general population to support preservation of traditional customs, old crafts and ethno items – ethno houses

-   setting up a traditional Serbian village with ethno facilities restoration of old houses ( use of stones for houses and fences, tiles for roof, wood for porches... )  and school buildings ( use ethno furniture and collection of ethno items with artistic items of the local community).

-   preservation of rural spiritual and language tradition of the old way of speaking ( preservation of folk language and customs of local areas – patron saint celebrations, folk dances in traditional clothes, stories of old, gatherings and other events )

-    renewal of archeological sites with historical and artistic contents (churches with significant frescoes and xylographs, monastery shelters, towers ).
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Consulting YES
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