Zone of Business Development– Niška Varoš

Identification number PIB 103065136
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 03/09/2003
Organisational form Business association
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Ivan Nikolić
Address Cara Dušana 35
Phone 018/512-508
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web page


More beautiful, safety and cleaning central zone in Nis


Creation of image of Nis and its central zone as a modern organize zone that is meeting European standards

Strategic objectives

More visits of Zone of Business Development, increasement of efficency of company that are working within the Zone, creation of new jobs.

Nr of active members 22
Structure of active members
Membership location
Services organisation is offering to its members

Association protecting of interest of its members, providing them free of charge promotion and more beautiful environment in Zone that they are doing their businesses


Promo leaflet with the activities of the companies that are working within the Zone

Main partners

City Assembly of Nis, Department for Municipal issues, energy and traffic

Reference / key projects

Project of marketing approach, Project of maintenance of capital investment, Project of maintenance public events

Needs of business organisation
Training / list areas

English course for the employees that are working in the companies that are located in Zone


Contact with similar association for the in the Region, contact with the donors


Notebook, fax machine