Local Organisation of Customers NIŠ (GOPN)

Identification number PIB 105408485
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 29/09/1997
Organisational form NVO
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Mr Novica Ranđelović
vice president GOPN, director of Centre for development of Clusters, Consumerism and Franchise
Phone 018/257-158
Fax 018/257-158
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web page

Slogan His Majesty of Customer is always right

Strengthening of information system, education and customer protection, raising awareness of customers about their position and role in market economy


Respectable NGO in business society, community and between customers

Strategic objectives

Strengthening of own capacity (human resources, technical and material) based on local and foreign experience (Legal clinic for customer protection, development of cooperation with other customer organization within National organization of customer protection (NOPS) and organization from the ex Yugoslav and European countries (Ex YU, EU...), business connections and cooperation with business sector, government, local government, regional institutions and international organizations.

Nr of active members 110
Structure of active members
  • Members with Academic degree (dr, mr, spec...) - 30%
  • Members with University degree - 40%
  • Members with other level of education - 30%
Membership location

Nis district (11 municipalities)

Services organisation is offering to its members
  • informations
  • education
  • legal protection of customers


Key issue topic brochures (brochure, leaflets, manuals) within NOPS and with the cooperation with other organisations

Main partners
  • Regional chamber of commerce Niš (Agreement about cooperationi)
  • Nis district (Protocol about understanding and cooperation)
  • Municipalities from Nis district (Agreement about cooperation)
  • Chamber of craftsmen Niš (Protocol about cooperation)
  • Faculty of Economy Niš
  • Faculty of Law Niš ...
Reference / key projects
  • Be informed about your customer rights (as partner of NOPS, with the assistance of Ministry of Trade (Mtu),
  • Safety of product and protection of customers, advising - Novi Sad (as partner of NOPS and UZPV, with the assistance of Mtu)
  • Round table: World economic crisis and its influence on customers, with assistance of Regional Chamber of Commerce and Faculty of Economy Nis
  • Procedure of cluster development, education in the municipalities of Nis district with the assistance of local entrepreneurs associations and Ledib
  • new regulation in the area of customer protection - Kragujevac (as partner NOPS-u and Faculty of Economy, with the assistance of Mtu)
  • What is bringing a new Law about food safety, numbers of training with the assistance of Consulting Agency “Sekvenca”
  • Establishing of Legal clinic for customer protection (with the assistance of Faculty of Law Niš) ...
Needs of business organisation

International experience in being informed, education and customer protection

Training / list areas
  • Consumerism
  • Cluster management
  • Franchise
  • English language
  • Informatics
  • Management ...

With Customer organisations (OP) within NOPS-a, sa OP Bulgaria, with OP Ex YU...

  • Office equipment (2 offices, 2 desks, 2 chairs )
  • PC (notebook, printer – copy machine, video-bim projector...)

Assistance and mediation in connection with organization of customer protection and successful clusters in Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Slovenia...