The Association of Single Mothers Nis

Identification number PIB 104338978
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 28/12/1999
Organisational form Citizens’ association/humanitarian organization
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Jovanović Miroslava
president of the Association
Address Pariske komune 11a
Phone 018-4535-808
Mobile 064/159 1371
Fax 018-4535-808
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Slogan “We are stronger when we are united; unity creates the entrepreneurship.”

The struggle for the preservation of women’s rights, especially in the domain of the gender equality in career choice, employment, starting one’s own business, with the aim of improving the economic status of not only a family, but also the whole community.


Developing the Association into the Service Centre for education and retraining, that would contribute to employing the members and starting the members’ own business as well. In our new re-registration, we also plan to provide the service activity of maintaining the home and personal hygiene of the elderly, ill and physically challenged persons, on a market basis.

Strategic objectives

Strengthening the economic and social status of the Association members and the initiative for starting the members’ own business or expanding the existing business, with the aim of strengthening the position of families, and thus the position of the broader community and state (the family as the base of the entire society).

Nr of active members 584
Structure of active members

12 women enterpreneurs, 75 BA, 23 with coleege digrees, 227 with secundary education, 247 with low professional qualifications

Membership location

The city of Nis, Svrljig, G. Han and surrounding villages

Services organisation is offering to its members

Education in the field of information technology, learning English language, retraining – knauf, installation of air conditioners, hairdressing trade, cosmetic trade, tailoring course, keeping the accounting and financial and operation books, funds availability and the manner of filling in the applications and the application for both loans and grants.


We do not issue publications, except printed leaflets and posters for particular projects. We printed the computer training handbook and the financial and bookkeeping operations training handbook, also for particular projects.

Main partners

The city of Nis, municipality Medijana, the Association of Craftsmen, the Hairdresser’s Academy Srecko Dokic, the Fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church “Philanthropy”, NKC-Nis Cultural Centre, DKC-Children’s Cultural Center, Nis Women Group of Activists

Reference / key projects

• Tailoring training course for women, 72 single mothers finished the tailoring course, 11 women found steady jobs. These workshops were funded by the Serbian Orthodox Fund “Philanthropy”.

• “English language and Information Technology for Women”, completed by 112 members. This project was funded by Philip Moris.

• Ministry of Economy and Regional Development funded the project “Caring for the Elderly, Ill and Physically Challenged Persons” 2007/2008. In the project, the service of maintaining the home and personal hygiene was provided to 313 persons, 86 of which were physically challenged. 50 single mothers found a job for a specified time period and for a brief time they were able to provide for their children. This project has proven to be sustainable, and it is funded by Philip Moris at the moment.

• Training 22 participants, single mothers and their children, in cosmetic trade and installation of air conditioners. The project is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, MPDL.

• IT training for 30 members of the business association Nis Women Group of Activists. The project was supported by LEDIB and it lasted 4 months. The trainees mastered the use of the following software: IT, Internet, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, and MS Access.

• Training in the financial accounting operations for 30 Associations of Citizens from Nis. The project was supported by LEDIB and it lasted 3 months. Trainees got the free use of IKS accounting software.

Needs of business organisation

• Advocacy as the type of receiving funds

• Advocacy in designing legislation and creating the favourable business climate

Training / list areas

• Media presentation

• Communication skills

• From an idea to one’s own business

• Making business plans

• Filling in the applications for credit lines

• Filling in the applications for grants


Networking with the European Associations is essential in order to strengthen and innovate business organizations


Photocopy machine


A roof space for all associations