The association “The Women Development Center”

Identification number PIB 106387812
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 23/11/2009
Organisational form The Association of Citizens
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Valentina Aleksandrović
Address N.M.Protić III/18/3, Nis
Phone 018/ 520 790
Fax 018/ 520 798
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Creating conditions for equal opportunities in decision making and promotion of women and men by encouraging solidarity and partnership


An economically strong woman who realizes her full potentials, able to make strategic decisions and create a society she lives in

Strategic objectives

Promoting the creative and professional potentials of women, encouraging the critical observation of reality, constructive communication and respect for human rights, developing leadership and professional skills of women through networking, improvement of skills, advocating for improving the economic position of women through various forms of public-private partnership and reducing the poverty in the society

Nr of active members 35
Structure of active members

Middle-aged women, young women and girls, of all educational levels and profiles, single mothers, employed and unemployed

Membership location

The City of Nis

Services organisation is offering to its members

Organizing expert meetings, consulting, seminars, workshops, symposiums, conferences and other types of training; supporting profitable, creative and specialized projects of its members; organizing the training for certain aspects of conducting the business; organizing humanitarian actions, organizing the activities (education, medical examinations, etc.) aimed at health care of women.

Main partners
  • The Commission for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities of the City of Nis
  • The Association of Single Mothers in Nis
  • NGO Protekta
  • The European Movement in Nis
  • The Volunteer Center of Nis
  • The Shelter for women and children victims of violence in Nis
  • SOS telephone line in Nis
  • The Association of Business Women
  • Children’s Cultural and Educational Center
Reference / key projects
  • The campaign for troubleshooting the Shelter for Women and Children Victims of Violence
  • IT training for 30 women, the members of the business association the Group of Women Activists in Nis
  • Training in financial accounting operations for 30 associations of citizens in Nis
Needs of business organisation
Training / list areas

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