Association of urban planners of Nis

Identification number PIB 101860811
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 1991
Organisational form Public company
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Dragana Canić
Address 7. juli 6
Phone 018/245-066, 018/243-095
Fax 018/241-673
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web page

Slogan Let plan better future

Invitation of publicity in process of planning and adopting plan documentation (Space plans, General urban plans, Plans of general regulation, Plans of detail regulation, Urban projects, Idea projects,...), organising of discussion, advising etc.


Planning of strategic, space and urban development

Strategic objectives

Strategic planning of urban development in municipalities of South East Serbia, promotion and spreading of idea of urban and space planning through celebrating world urban planning day by organisig traditional international event Salon urbanism. Organising exhibition, assistance to the Faculty of civil engendering and architecture in student practice: demonstration of adopted plans, pre-study analysis, assistance in organizing summer schools for students, organizing competitions for students.

Nr of active members 49
Structure of active members

Active individuals

Membership location

Nišavski i Jablanički district

Services organisation is offering to its members

Advising, tehnical, consultation, posibility of promotion of the best results


Press releasses on hot topics, Planning documentation (Prostor planning, general urban planning, Plans of general regulation, Plans of detal regulation, urban projects, idea projects...) that are availabne on web site of Zavoda za urbanizam Niš

Main partners

Public compani for urban planing of Nis, City Assembly of Niš, Republic Agency for urban planning, Ministry of environment protection and urban planning, Association of urban planners of Serbia

Reference / key projects

18 Exsibiton of “Salona urbanizma” and around 40 similar exsibition in diferent towns in Serbia and surrounding, lot of implemented commpetitions for urban and articetures projects

Needs of business organisation

Project management

Public Relations

Training / list areas

Foreign languages

3D Modeling (AUTOCAD CIVIL 3D)


European network of urban and planning organisation


(Equipment of Public Company for urban planning is used, as well as personal equipment of Association members)


Study tour and event with foreign delegation of planning organisation, exchanging experiance with similar organisation and association