The association of art and traditional crafts and handicrafts VILIN VEZ

Identification number PIB 106732170
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 01/08/2010
Organisational form Citizen association
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Irena Ulemek
Address Episkopska 77
Phone +381 18 592 007
Fax +381 63 454 348
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Nurturing, preservation and protection of folk art and cultural and historical heritage of our people, raising the awareness of the citizens, and especially of the children and the young about the importance of preserving the traditions and customs of our people, organizing the activities aimed at education and development of the personal prefernces and creativity of the citizens

  • That the young people, at least a small number of them, will decide, later in life, to be engaged in crafts, in order to provide themselves a job, material existention and thus, better future, meaning that they will not be a burden to their family, city and country, as unemployed and financially unsecured;
  • To attrect the attention of the turists and thus increase the turistic offer of our city, and in the long run, to attract the foreign investors who will create new jobs;
  • To provide the facilities where all the craftsmen could work together, and show the process of manufacture right on the spot, what shall be a tourist attraction, like in some other cities. In its facilities, the association can organize, alone or together with other organizations, exhibitions, festivals, meetings, seminars and other forms of networking and education of its members, citizens, children and young people. In order to accomplish it, the association will cooperate with educational institutions, professional associations and other organizations and individuals in country and abroad dealing with the same or similar activities, and with the humanitarian associations as well.
Strategic objectives

Networking, protection, education, improving the economic and social status of its members

Nr of active members 10
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Urban and rural area

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Niš and its surrounding

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