Association of independent entrepreneurs and craftsman

Identification number PIB 100663812
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 1791
Organisational form Citisen Association
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Blagoje Stanisavljević
predsednik Udruženja
Address Prijezdina br. 4
Phone 018/241-543 , 018/293-121
Fax 018/293-120
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web page

Slogan Everything for the craftsmen

Development and improvement of craftsmen business


Increasing number of members and number of craftsmen, small and medium sized entrepreneurs

Strategic objectives

Development of craftsman business and inter regional cooperation and broadening the market

Nr of active members 2000
Structure of active members

Machine, electro, civil engineers, textile, Mašinska, elektro, građevina, tekstilna, kožarska, rubber, hemical-technology, grafic, restaurants, personal services

Membership location


Services organisation is offering to its members

Pre-qualification, legal services, marketing, consulting, advising, exhibition, internet, data base of offer and demand


We are planning to publish the book about 220 years of craftsman association

Main partners

Ledib program, German Chamber of Craftsman, Balcan Bureau for development of middle class in Southeast Europe

Reference / key projects

Reversible source of energy. Data base of offer and demand

Needs of business organisation

Growing the market, ISO standards

Training / list areas

Quality, range of products, education for better business, textile, civil engineering, machines, electro




Contemporary machine, gadgets and equipment


Data base of offer and demand, raw material and semi final products