The Association of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs “Privrednik” Ražanj

Identification number PIB 106546188
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 29.12.2009.
Organisational form The association of citizens
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Jelena Stević
Address Partizanska bb
Phone 061 205 25 99
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web page

Slogan “We are stronger when we are united.”

Uniting businessmen and entrepreneurs into one association with the aim to achieve our plans, solve our problems and contribute to the economic development of the municipality, jointly and more easily


To make the association, in the shortest possible time, the bearer of economic development of the municipality and the main lever to reduce poverty and unemployment in the municipality

Strategic objectives

Strengthening the capacity of the association and of the each individual member of the association, the establishment of equal partnership with the local self-government

Nr of active members 24
Structure of active members

Business and entrepreneurs from diferent sectors, associations

Membership location

From the territory of the municipality of Ražanj

Services organisation is offering to its members

Database and networking, consulting

Main partners

LEDIB, the Ražanj Municipality, TEAM MBD consulting, Eneca

Reference / key projects

Establishing the entrepreneurs associations in Aleksinac, Ražanj, Gadžin Han and Svrljig Strengthening the capacity of the associations in Aleksinac, Ražanj, Gadžin Han and Svrljig

Needs of business organisation

Preparation of documents for submission to commercial banks and to the Development Fund, the improvement of production, innovations, the introduction of new products

Training / list areas

Standardization and certification, marketing, market research, project preparation


Regional Chamber of Economy Niš, other foreign and domestic organizations and institutions, the embassies in Serbia, National Agency for Regional Development


Equipping the mini training classroom (JOB Club) for training the young people and women interested in the self-entrepreneurship


Administrative support for the preparation of marketing performances in the WEB page markets, propaganda, participation in trade fairs, visiting the examples of good practice, etc.