General Association of Entrepreneurs Pirot

Identification number PIB 105423126
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 2007
Organisational form Association
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Goran Lilić, Veroljub Mihajlović
Address Srpskih Vladara 90/4
Phone 010 312 861, 010 310 016
Fax 010 310 016
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Web page

Slogan Entrepreneurship is the foundation of social progress and well-being of each individual.

Raising awareness of entrepreneurs about unification and the Association, supporting their work, consulting, educating, and strengthening the Association as the only “Safe House” for the entrepreneurs.


Development of the entrepreneurship, unification, and running the small manufacturer’s firms in Southeastern Serbia, which shall rely on the existing natural resources, and on the strong and stable Association of Entrepreneurs, as the main support in sustaining and developing entrepreneurship.

Strategic objectives

Forming the office of the Association, stable functioning of the association, regular informing of the entrepreneurs;

Making contacts with all the institutions relevant for the entrepreneurship development.

Nr of active members 280
Structure of active members

Independent craft stores, retail shops, business associations

Membership location

The municipality of Pirot

Services organisation is offering to its members

Informing, protecting and connecting the entrepreneurs


The Entrepreneurial Guide 2008

Main partners

Regional Chamber of Economy Nis

Reference / key projects

Creating WEB portals, issuing the Entrepreneurial Guide;

Visiting fairs, etc.

Needs of business organisation
Training / list areas

Training the entrepreneurs and the Association members


Forming clusters


Computers, furniture


The need for a permanent source of income