General Association of Entrepreneurs in Information Technology

Identification number PIB 105745503
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 30/07/2008
Organisational form The association of citizens
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Ivan Stanković
Address Jablaničkog Odreda 19
Mobile 063/102-30-40
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Article 11 of the Statute of the General Association of Entrepreneurs in Information Technology defines:

The main tasks of the Association stem from the objectives set forth in this Statute, and proceeding from this, the Association shall:

  • Initiate, stimulate, help and coordinate activities aimed at achieving the best possible conditions for the activities of the entrepreneurs and enterprises, development of market relations and institutions, business cooperation and all-out development, but the Association especially shall:
  • Participate in providing the basic work conditions for its members, in providing raw material and energy;
  • Propose the adoption of new regulations and changing already existing ones and measures that directly and indirectly affect the work of members;
  • Cooperate, on the principle of partnership, with state authorities and line ministries on the issues from the field of economic and overall development policies;
  • Monitor, study and encourage all forms of business association of its members with other business entities;
  • Support and contribute to the provision of conditions for the comprehensive involvement of its members in all forms of foreign trade of goods and services;
  • Participate in creating a credit policy according to the interests and needs of its members;
  • Follow, at home and abroad, the development of technical and technological achievements of the interest for the successful work of its members, provide the information and encourage the use of these achievements;
  • Provide a unique information system for its members, their needs and the needs of customers of their products users of their services, and other interested parties, through the data bank – the stock exchange of business information on demand and supply of the goods, services, equipment, office space, raw materials, workforce, capital, etc.
  • Initiate, support and issue professional, advertising and other publications, instruction and forms; organize conferences, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, reviews, competitions and other forms of similar activities, and in connection with it cooperates with the relevant organizations and bodies;
  • Participate in preparation, drafting and conclusion of the branch, special, and individual collective agreements, monitor their implementation and propose changes and amendments;
  • Provide for its members business and administrative, technical and other assistance through the professional service of the Association or through special agencies – bureaus, which the Association shall found for that purpose, or with which the Agency shall enter into a business collaboration;
  • Encourage and foster the tradition of good business practices and business ethics;
  • Support and organize the professional, culture, entertainment, sports and other meetings, socializing and competition of entrepreneurs, their employees and other workers and citizens;
  • Cooperate on issues of direct connection to its members with other same or similar associations, chambers, bodies, organizations, institutes, funds and communities;
  • Maintain the register of the members, issue approvals, and other certificates from records maintained within the powers and rights under law;
  • Perform other activities of the interest to its members, arising under the laws and the Statute.

The program of the Association is determined and the tasks are specified for the each financial year, or a certain period of time.


General Association of Entrepreneurs in Information Technology Nis represents a core of the development and use of information technology in the city of Nis and the district surrounding it. The Association, through its action shall unite small and medium entrepreneurs who are engaged in information technology, in order to have a greater impact and importance on the region and society. In future, the Association shall represent the link between small and medium entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and institutions abroad, and between academic and scientific research institutions in the country. Through its activity, the Association shall contribute to the development of the information society in the region and to the economic development of the region that has all the potentials to become leading region in the country and Southeast Europe in development and use of modern information communication technology.

Strategic objectives

The main objectives of the Association are actions to create conditions to measures to promote work and activities on the territory of the city of Nis, especially activities in the domain of information technology, which are the scope of work of the Association members.

Nr of active members 42
Structure of active members


Membership location

The city of Nis

Services organisation is offering to its members

Information communication technology

Main partners

Scientific research institutions

Reference / key projects
  1. Project “Forming a center for development and investment in information technology for Nisava District", supported by Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis and by Faculty of Occupational Safety Nis;
  2. Cooperation with College of Applied Studies Vranje in realization of the first regional conference in the field of E-Learning: E-Learning in Balkan Academic Institutions: Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities.
Needs of business organisation

It depends on the individual projects implemented by the Association.

Training / list areas

It depends on the individual projects implemented by the Association.


It depends on the individual projects implemented by the Association.


It depends on the individual projects implemented by the Association.


It depends on the individual projects implemented by the Association.