Identification number PIB 100232066
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy) 06/02/1962
Organisational form Non-governmental organization association of entrepreneurs
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO

Dragan Kostic, president

Nebojsa Bogdanovic, vicepresident

Address Dobricka 2
Phone 018/510-999
Fax 018/255-472
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Slogan Chamber of Economy Nis – the generator of economic development

Improvement of the position and protection of interests of the business entities that are the Chamber members and contribution to development and economic prosperity of the Nis region


The Regional Chamber of Economy Nis, the institution that we trust, is the holder of the economic development of the area, the leader in representing and promoting the interests of economy.

Strategic objectives

• RCE Nis – respected business organization in the region and internationally

• Satisfying the interests of the members

• That RCE Nis has a dominant mediator between economy and local authorities

• Market -oriented services of RCE Nis (RCE NIS as a center for providing services and initiating and managing business development projects)

• That RCE Nis enables with its effort the development of the regional developing financial institution

• That RCE Nis enables with its effort the decentralization of the various authorizations from SCC to RCE Nis

• Lobbying at the regional and international level (with SCC and line ministries)

• Collecting and analyzing the needs of the Chamber members, with the aim of developing the Chamber into the key partner of its members

• The average age of the employees of RCE Nis is 40, with the aim of realization of the proactive organization

Nr of active members More than 2,000
Structure of active members

• The Association for Energy, Metal and Electrical Industry,

• The Association for Construction and Building Materials, Housing and Communal Services.

• The Association for Agriculture, Food and Tobacco Industry and Waterworks,

• The Association for Forestry and Wood, Cellulose and Paper Processing Industry,

• The Association for Graphics Industry, News and Publishing, • The Association for Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen,

• The Association for Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industry,

• The Association for Trade, Catering Industry, Traffic and Tourism,

• The Association for Information Services and Telecommunications,

• The Association for Chemical, Pharmacy and Rubber Industry, Mines and Non-Metals Industry.

Membership location

Geofragically speaking, the area of operation of the Regional Chamber of Economy Nis is the southeastern part of Serbia, three adninstrative districts – Nisavski, Pirotski and Toplicki District, an area of 7,717 square kilometres, where in 14 administrative areas of municipalities and the administrative area of the City of Nis – consisting of 5 townships – live around 590,000 inhabitants.

Services organisation is offering to its members

• EU INOO – Center for projects,

• VISIO – Center for education, quality, innovation and technology,

• PROMO BUSINESS - Center for development of clusters, business associations and entrepreneurship,

• EXIM - Center for foreign trade, cooperation with Diaspora and foreign investment,

• TEODORA - Center for women entrepreneurship,

• DEVELOPER - Center for development and sale of the new Chamber’s services.




Main partners

As the part of the chamber system of Serbia, the Regional Chamber of Economy Nis frequently cooperates with all Serbian and foreign chambers on the projects funded by European Union, and which are of regional, national or international importance. The best example is a fruitful cooperation with Bulgarian Chambers, which led to increase of trade between two countries for 44%.

At the same time, more than 400 entrepreneurs and young people participated in the promotion of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Bulgaria.

International Cooperation

In the previous period a fruitful cooperation is established on the mutual projects with chambers from other countries:

Bucharest Chamber,

Romania Edirne Chamber,

Turkey Burgas Chamber,

Bulgaria Vidin Chamber,

Bulgaria Novgorod Chamber,

Russia The Chamber of Economy Zanjan,

Iran Oviedo Chamber,

Spain The Chamber of Economy of Zenica-Doboj Canon,

BIH Croatian Chamber of Economy Zagreb Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thessaloniki,

Greece Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pieria – Katherina,

Greece Branch Chamber of Economy Banja Luka,

Republic of Serbian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ziline,Slovakia

The Regional Chamber of Economy Nis established the partnership with:

The Chamber of Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Chamber of Economy Pernik, Bulgaria

The Chamber of Economy Vratsa, Bulgaria

Domestic Cooperation

The Regional Chamber of Economy Nis also cooperates with the University of Nis (as well as with other universities), National Employment Service, Regional Center for Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Nis, Regional Craft Chamber, the Association of Entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, etc.

Reference / key projects

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, on 5/3/2008, LEDIB Program and the Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis signed a partnership whose aim was providing technical support to LEDIB Programs for building the capacities of the Regional Chamber of Economy Nis until the end of 2012. As the leading business organization in Nisavski region, LEDIB should help in attracting new members.

The activities of the Regional Chamber of Economy Nis are dedicated to the support of the economy of Nisavski region. Their aim is developing economically sustainable and export oriented economy, through promoting entrepreneurship, supporting the new and strengthening already existing companies.

Needs of business organisation


Training / list areas