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New perspective for the Balkan Clusters through ESCA model for labelling cluster excellence

Today's the ESCA II phase first working meeting in Berlin definitely opened the new brightest perspective for strategic cluster development in the Balkans. Discussion was in harmony with the SMART Balkan Cluster Policy Declaration, which the Cluster House on behalf of the BBS ClusNet submitted to the EC DG Enterprise Cluster Unit, as the output paper of the Round Table within the Eccp Cluster Matchmaking event, which was held in Thessaloniki in September last year.

The Berlin meeting gathered carefully selected representatives from 20 organization from Europe.

The Balkan clusters have been presented pure realistic, respecting clusters needs which have been identified and analysed from the Cluster House last 7 years, collected continually during the seven BBS conferences Days of Clusters (Serbia, Bulgari, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia 2010-2016) and other cluster related events.
I kindly asked our European cluster colleagues to forecast possibility of creation a special model of clusters accreditation/labeling cluster excellence/ for the Balkan clusters with the aim to support our efforts in the further cluster-based economic development in the Balkans and to support our contribution in keeping the peace in the region.

This was one of the best meetings for the Balkan Cluster Development in last 5 years that I attended.

Thank you Thomas Lämmer-Gamp and your team for this great oportunity for the Balkans to open its sleepy eyes.

The Balkan Cluster Family lead by the Cluster House will use the opportunity to continue with the policy development efforts in the framework of the TCI European Cluster Conference in Sofia in March 20-22. We will try to set up meetings with all important stakeholders such as EC and policy makers from economically powerful countries who can have interest for collaboration with the Balkans.