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The X Cluster House Assembly Meeting and the VI anniversary of successful workof the Cluster House, an umbrella organization of clusters in Serbia and in the Balkans, was held in the Cluster House premises in Nis on 28th of December, 2017.

Cluster House is a self-financing, sustainable business development organization, world-renowned name with developed tools for supporting economic development in Serbia and in the Region:

  • Balkan Black Sea Cluster Network with over 180 cluster organizations and support institutions
  • Serbian Cluster Network with more than 50 clusters and cluster initiatives
  • INFOCLUSTER magazine to support the development of clusters and SMEs in English and Balkan languages
  • Cluster House Info Center that includes a carefully designed database with more than 3000 contacts with experts and institutions from 35 countries from 5 continents;
  • Cluster House Project Center which contributed to the realization of projects over one million euros in the country, region and beyond, involving more than 5,000 people as direct and indirect beneficiaries of project activities
  • Business Services Center - consulting in the field of cluster development, business incubation and SMEs for more efficient operations in the domestic market, support and promotion of export activities through participation in foreign markets and mediation in business connection, development of project proposals, business and investment plans, strategies, market research, mapping; bookkeeping conditions and financial consulting for business in Serbia and the Balkans; standardization; investment and project management.
  • Cluster House Website www.clusterhouse.rs with sub-sites: „Balkan Cluster“ for cross-border cooperation between clusters of Bulgaria and Serbia, „CZ-RS SME Trade Bridge“ for cross-border cooperation between clusters and SMEs of Czech Republic and Serbia and „Days of Clusters“for the Balkan Black Sea Cluster Conference to lobby for better cluster business conditions in the region.
  • SMARTSrbianClustrPolicyDeclarationand SMARTBalkanClusterPolicyDeclaration- results of round tables organized by the Cluster House, the Danish Embassy in Belgrade and the ECCP / EEN with the support of the EC / DG Enterprise.
  • Partnership with European and global business networks: Global TCI Network, ECCP, ELAN, INSME Italy, France Clusters, Innoget Spain and institutions ESCA Berlin, Mekong Institute Thailand, Keiming University J Korea, Zelenograd and Kama Cluster Russia, Cluster Puls India, HLB Egypt.

For the purpose of more efficient development of the Balkan Black Sea Cluster Network, the Assembly of the LEDIB House Cluster Assembly has adopted voluntary membership fees for members of the Cluster House.

For the purpose of more efficient lobbying for Cluster Development Policy in the Balkans, the Assembly of the LEDIB House Cluster has adopted the decision to establish the Cluster House Advisory Boardand chose Mr.LarsAlbaek, a Danish cluster expert and six cluster experts from Turkey, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Cluster House Team is ready for a visit of H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in Belgrade and the Economic Councilor to the Cluster House on January 26, 2018, and looks forward to joining the economy of Denmark with Serbia and vice versa. On that occasion, the Training Center for youth entrepreneurship and clusters in Leskovac will be officially opened,it is the subject of the Donation of the Cluster House to the Higher Business School in Leskovac.

The Cluster House Management expects more successful business in 2018 based on the start of the dialogue and cooperation with representatives of the European Commission, DG Enterprise in July and August 2017, within the organization of the cluster matchmaking event in Thessaloniki in mid-September 2017.