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What would you tell women who decide to sail into entrepreneurship?


(Interview from Dr. Danke Milojkovic, Director of Cluster House for NetMagazin http://www.netmagazin.rs/index.php/intervjui/dr)

ENTERPRENEURSHIP is the best business that has chosen you.
Yes, you are chosen to create your future and create a better world. Imagine your idea which is happily buying by people because their life becomes easier and more beautiful. More entrepreneurs will create an entrepreneurial society in the South Serbia, unbeatable in the defense of independence and dignity. Is there anything better than a country of proud, happy and humane people?

Do not be afraid of the autonomy and responsibility that carries your own business, do not waste your time searching for the solutions that will be offered to you.

START with the adventure of entrepreneurship and transform your dream into the reality.

Cluster House is Your House of Entrepreneurship!
See you in an entrepreneurial society in the Southern Serbia!