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Cluster-based partnership in the Southern Serbia for cluster development in the Balkans

In the framework of the Serbian Cluster Day which was held in Nis in May 2017 under the patronage of the Danish Embassy in Belgrade and the Cluster House exit strategy of the Ledib program (2007-2012), on Wednesday 23th of August the Higher Business School in Leskovac, the EpusLe ACTIVATOR Youth Entrepreneurship Cluster and the Cluster House signed the GRAND AGREEMENT on cooperation for the cluster-based capacity building projects in Serbia and in the Balkans. The Balkan clusters will get the oportunity to upgrade their knowledge, skills and experience with regional and international experts for the first time in the Balkans after ending of the Ledib mission.
Looking forward to see you cluster family in beautiful Southern Serbia, Nis and Leskovac-center of the clusters in the Balkans.

Southern Serbian partnership for the Trening Center for youth entrepreneurship and clusters in Serbia and in the Balkans