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SERBIAN CLUSTER DAY for better business environment in South Serbia

Cluster Day in Serbia gathered more than 150 participants from

cluster organizations, partner institutions, students and young

people with the aim of contributing to the creation of better

business environment in South Serbia and acquire new knowledge

about green technologies and possibilities of cooperation between

Serbia and Denmark.

H.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen

Charge d'Affaires a.i. of The Embassy of Denmark in Serbia

Serbian Cluster Day was implemented on May 11 in Nis, organized

by the Danish Embassy in Belgrade and the Serbian Cluster House,

with the support of the Faculty of Economics in Nis and the

companyYUMIS, a Cluster House member.

Members of the Cluster House Serbian Business Network officially celebrated the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Serbia greeted the guests from Denmark H.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen and President of the Assembly of the LEDIB Cluster House Mr. Carsten Lund.

At the round table on the development of SMEs in

South of Serbia discussed the possible directions of

development and getting the national and

international support for the development of SMEs

through the concept of clusters.The Agreemnet on

business and technical cooperation between the

Association Forum in Nis, mr Jovan Jovanovic

president and the LEDIB Cluster House, concerning

cooperation on projects capitalization of the civil

initiative for the preservation of historical and cultural

heritage of the City of Nis, has been signed.

Dr. Sanja Popovic Pantic, President of the Serbian Association of Business Women, proposed the creation of a cluster of production-oriented business women from the South Serbia, in the frame of the Business Women Association, due to more efficient business development through involvement in the supply chain.

Mr. Srdjan Dimitrijevic, director of the Entrepreneurial youth employment cluster Activator from Leskovac, proposed the establishment of the first Training center for entrepreneurial activation of young people in Leskovac to empower youth in Southern Serbia.

The Danish guests have been introduced with innovative products of the food processing company “Jasterbacka prica” from Merosina/Mali Jastrebac and the energy efficiacy company ELDI from Nis.

H.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen has been gifted by traditional Cluster House present “The Cluster House Lady", the result of cross-clustering between the wine producers and the Handicrafts women association.

The Serbian Cluster Day has been promotionally supported by The Global TCI Network and ECCP, as well as by representatives of the national media:

http://www.rts.rs/page/stories/sr/story/13/ekonomija/2731027/saradnja-izmedju-srbije- i-Danish-u-more-segmenata.htm

TV and radio stations, regional and City Nis portals.

The Cluster House will send the conclusions of the roundtable, prepared in the form of the Declaration of

Serbian Cluster Policy, to the Government of the Republic of Serbia and to relevant institutions.

After the roundtable, Danish-Serbian delegation visited YUMIS company, the leader in the production of

soup and powdered food products in the region. The Yumis company is still not present on the Danish

market, and this visit will contribute to more efficient connections with potential buyers / distributors.


The Serbian Cluster Day has been finished with the lecture on “State of green – the Danish way”,

given by N.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen, at the University of Nis Faculty of Economics.

The Agreement on cooperation regarding the efficient and effective cooperation between science and

practice through clusters, between the Faculty of Economics, University of Nis,

Prof. Dr Jadranka Đurović-Todorović, a dean, and the LEDIB Cluster House Union, Mr. Carsten Lund,

a president, has been signed.

The Cluster House Team is very pleased about the opportunity to host the jubilee year of cooperation between DK-RS in Southern Serbia and it would like to thank the Danish people for their generous assistance in knowledge, skills and finance to residents of Southern Serbia.

The Cluster House is a second home for Danish people in Serbia!

Photo Gallery Serbian Cluster Day 11.5.2017

 Serbian Cluster Policy Declaration_11.5.2017 Nis City.pdf