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The Cluster House, a project partner on the Project “Raising the innovation capacity of SMEs and business for inclusion in supply chains“, initiated by Dr. Sanja Popovic-Pantic, president of the Serbian Association of Business Women and supported by The „Mihajlo Pupin“ Institute Belgrade and The Innovation Center of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Belgrade, will contribute in promotion of the cluster-based approach in economic empowerment of women – start up entrepreneurs.

The Startup Cluster House Model was initiated in the framework of the Danish LEDIB Program in 2009. The pilot project which has supported the establishment of five startup clusters in agriculture, textiles, construction, services and medicine, resulted in the development of cluster-based  tools for startup entrepreneurship in the field of organization, business development service and communication. Also, The Nis Region Startup Clusters Union was established as an umbrella organization of startup cluster organizations and initiatives. With the Cluster House establishment in 2011, the startup cluster model became an integral part of the Cluster House Model for cluster-based sustainable economic development in the Balkan and Black Sea Region.

The following representatives from the Cluster House national network are selected to be Project beneficiaries:

  • Nis Region Start Up Services Cluster: Hotel SUMATOVAC and Law Office specialized in foreign trade activities from Aleksinac,
  • Serbian Cluster of Furniture Producers: Hanibal company Vranje and B-Right company Čačak - productions of wire cores for mattress (export oriented)
  • Nis Region Agro Start Up Cluster: „Jastrebačka Priča“ Merošina – Niš, agriculture and food processing, winter food, jem, domestic rakia and wine producers (export oriented)

Dr. Danka Milojkovic, director of the Cluster House and member of the Global TCI Network BofD, is a mentor of the Start up Mentoring Programme of the Project.

In the framework of the Project “Raising the innovation capacity of SMEs and business for inclusion in supply chains“, the first module “Start-up Training for Women Entrepreneurship” has been implemented. It was focused on startup businesses, business women who established their business in last three years.

Start-up training program consists of two 3-day modules:

1. TRAINING MODUL was held from 6th to 8th of March at the Innovation Center of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Belgrade (Kraljice Marije 14, Belgrade)

2. TRAINING MODUL will be held from 16th to 18th of March at the small hall of the “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute (Volgina 15, Belgrade)

The results of the first module, under the direction of coach and facilitator Maja Grizelj, were marked by the active participation of more than 30 entrepreneurs from the territory of Serbia and the nomination of the 186 business ideas that can contribute to the economic empowerment of women and gender equality.