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Harvard Kennedy School

Carsten Lund, M.Sc., President of the Cluster House Assembly, will be attending an executive program at Harvard in the period 10th to 15th February 2013

Leading Economic Growth, an Executive Education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, brings together leading experts in economic development with practitioners from around the globe to focus on practical approaches to shared growth and development. This program provides a framework for understanding economic growth as well as sophisticated tools for diagnosis and decision making. The program enables participants to:

  • Identify constraints on the growth process.
  • Identify new activities that can most easily be developed successfully in a specific economy.
  • Learn how to build organizations with coordinating capacity by leveraging collaborative networks.
  • Facilitate informed investment decisions by local and global corporations.

International Exhibition for Renewable Energy Sources SOLAR-THERM-BIOMASA 2013

This article is not available in English.



In the period from the third Balkan Conference DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2012 in October up to date, visits of the Cluster House web site have increased by 30%. In the structure of visits percentage of new visits is 79.85%, and the visitors are from Germany, Denmark, USA, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy, FYROM, Russia, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, New Zealand, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Hungary, Slovenia, India, Israel, Slovakia, etc.

Cluster House team satisfaction is greater when after several months of commitment to inform the business community of Balkan countries have produced such results!

International Golf Tournament Open for People with Disabilities, Bulgaria

Bulgaria for all” is the first international golf tournament open for disabled, organised by the Cluster for Accessible Tourism project in partnership with Pirin Golf & Country Club, Razlog Valley, with the support of the European Disabled Golf Association.
The event has been already presented at the Third Conference of the Balkan clusters, which was held in Nis in the period 25-26.10.2012.
Golf is one of the very few sports, which provides people with disabilities with the opportunity to engage actively in sports and compete on equal terms with the others, having all the chances to win.