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Annual Assembly of the Association of Business Women Nis

Annual Assembly of the Association of Business Women Nis will be held on 25.12.2012. in Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis, at 13 o’clock.

Annual Meeting will have the following agenda:

  1. Making a decision on admission of new members who joined between the two Assembly sessions and receiving an honorary member of the Association
  2. Report of the Board about  the work between the two Assembly sessions
  3. Report NO
  4. Strategic Plan for the period of 2013th-2017th
  5. Making decision on the award and gratitude
  6. Introducing new members

Annual Assembly of the Association of Business Women Nis will attend the Association members, partners and friends of the Association.

Business Forum Serbia – Czech Republic

Serbian Chamber of Commerce, together with Czech Chamber of Commerce, is organizing the Business Forum and bilateral meetings of Serbian and Czech businesspeople, within the visit of the Czech Prime Minister to Republic of Serbia, at the premises of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 15, Belgrade, on December 17, 2012, at 12 o’clock.


Empowering and Supporting Women in Business

European Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors of Mentors of Women Entrepreneurs in Serbia, projects coordinated by National Agency for Regional Development organize International Conference on Women’s Entrepreneurship: “Empowering and Supporting Women in Business” at XI International fair Business Base on November 29th, 12.30.a.m. at Belgrade Fair, Hall 1.

Empowering and Supporting Women in Business.pdf

New Success Stories in New Issue of Ekonometar

In the November issue of the Ekonometar Magazine, read about success stories of the Cluster House and its members.

  • “More Than Success – Contribution to Development of Entrepreneurship” – Article about the Flower of Success for the Dragon Lady 2012, the traditional award that was presented, among others, to Danka Milojkovic, Director of the Cluster House
  • “Rustik  Reaches Paris and Zurich” – The story about Rustik Company from Nis, member of the Cluster House, that is very successful at both local and international markets
  • “Joining for Faster Economic Growth” – How the III Balkan Conference Days of Clusters contributed to the process of establishing the transnational clusters

Read full articles here

Making of the Local Action Plan for Gender Equality in the Final Stage

The Local Action Plan for achieving gender equality of the City Municipality of Medijana is almost completed. The last joint meeting of the working group that has been preparing the plan over the past few months is scheduled for Monday, November 26, at 16:00 p.m.

Apart from adopting the final version of the Local Action Plan, as a response to the identified need, a special lobbying group is going to be established.