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Cluster House at “Business Base” Trade Fair in Belgrade

Business Base Fair is meant to be a place for business meetings through which small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs (SMEEs) share information and negotiate forms of future cooperation. It is organized every year, upon the initiative of Belgrade Fair and National Agency for Regional Development – NARD, with the network of regional agencies and centres throughout Serbia.


“Social-economic Developmet of the Danube Serbia Region” Call for Project Proposals

Within the Social-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region Project financed by the EU IPA funds, on November 16, 2012, a public call was announced for financing proposals within the following priorities:


Know-how Exchange Programme - KEP AUSTRIA Public Call for Project Proposals 2013

KEP AUSTRIA Competition 2013, announced on October 29, 2012, is open for co-financing of projects within CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP), with support of the Austrian Government through the funds of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).


Fifth LEDIB Cluster House Assembly Meeting

LEDIB Cluster House will have its fifth regular meeting at Hotel Aleksandar in Nis, on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 2 p.m.


  • Adopting the Report of the 4th LEDIB Cluster House Assembly Meeting
  • Union LEDIB CLUSTER HOUSE activities in 2012 analysis
  • Adopting the Procedures and Decisions pertaining to future operations of Union LEDIB Cluster House
  • Adopting the Action Plan of the UNION LEDIB CLUSTER HOUSE for 2013.
  • Other

All the regular members will attend the Assembly Meeting.

Forum of Small Businesses of SCC Asking for Enforcement of Law on Chambers of Commerce to Be Postponed

“Danas” Daily published an article of Professor Aleksandar Gracanac, PhD, SCC SME and Entrepreneurs Coordinator

Belgrade – Small Business Act, adopted by the European Union, is a key document for creating enabling business environment and we will forward it to the Government in order to incorporate it into our regulative as well – is a conclusion from the Forum of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce held by the end of last week.