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TCI 2018 – Impressions after the Global TCI Conference in Toronto

Last week took place the 21st TCI Global Conference in Toronto. Participants were able to share success stories of Canada and clusters of the Toronto Region, learn about best practices from around the world and create a forum for knowledge exchange and partnership development between local and international cluster leaders. Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you in the upcoming TCI Network events!


Organized by Klaster Kreativa from Stip – a partner organization of the Cluster House Balkan Black Sea Cluster Network "BBS ClusNet", with the support of the Macedonian Ministry of Economy, will be held on Friday, October 26, 2018 in Štip. The participants of the Forum will be greeted by the Mayor of the Municipality of Stip Mr. Blagoja Bočvarski and the head of the Center for Development of the East Planning Region, Ms. Dragica Zdraveva. The Forum will be officially opened by Ms. Violeta Peeva, President of the Cluster Creativa. The aim of the Forum is to get acquainted and discuss the project "ESTEK" and about the possibilities of internationalizing the business of Cluster Creativa and its partner organizations through cooperation with the Cluster House. Dr. Danka Milojkovic will introduce the participants of the Forum with the Cluster House Model for Sustainable Economic Development and Cluster Internationalization.

IX International Conference Wellness & Health Tourism in Vrnjacka Spa

The IX International Conference on Wellness and Health Tourism was held in Vrnjacka Spa, Serbia, last week, organized by The Serbian Wellness Cluster from Belgrade, a member of the Cluster House BBS ClusNet and Serbian ClusNet, supported by CEI, Tika and Serbian Ministry of tourism, trade and telecommunication.
The article is available in Serbian language. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

TCI 2018 Conference in Toronto!

The Cluster House Advisory Board members at the TCI 2018 Conference in Toronto! Thanks to cluster gentmen Lars from DK and Zeljko from CRO our Balkan & Black Sea ClusNet was promoted globaly. Thanks guys!!!

Poreske olakšice za početnike u poslovanju u Srbiji od DANAS!!!

Article is available only in Serbian language. Thank you in advance for your understanding.