TCI 2016 cluster conference Eindhoven, Netherlands

The leading worldwide cluster event the 19th TCI Global Conference had been held in the city of innovation Eindhoven in Netherlands last week gathering over 500 practitioners and academicians from over 60 countries.  It was superbly hosted by teams from Brainport Development and Wageningen University in Eindhoven. It was also a great opportunity to meet personally the people behind the network and experience the spirit of it.


TCI 2016 Cluster Community

TCI Network is the leading global network of main organizations and practitioners with deep expertise in clusters and competitiveness, who collaborate in a unique open and flexible context to advance in the practice of competitiveness, innovation and cluster development.

This year’s TCI Assembly meeting was elected three new Board members from South Korea, Denmark and Colombia.


TCI 2016 Board of Directors

The TCI Assembly members strongly supported the initiative of the TCI Asian Chapter establishment led by Prof. Dr Geunwoo Ryu, dean at Keimyung University Daegu S. Korea. The TCI Network Asia Chapter is heavely supported by Korean Industrial Complex Corporation KICOX and Daegu Metropolitan City based on needs for knowledge sharing between Asia’s developed economies and its emerging economies discussion of diversify cluster development models, increased membership through expansion of exchange between developed and emerging economies around East Asia and between Asian clusters/companies and those on other countries / a good example is the signed MoU between Keimyung University Daegu and the Balkan Black Sea Cluster Network members within the 7th BBS Conference Days of Clusters in Ohrid, Macedonia, in September 23, 2016/.


Geunwoo Ryu, Keimyung University (KR), TCI Assembly and Advisory Board members, Ms. Patricia Valdenebro, TCI CEO

TCI President Dr. Christian Ketels was moderating the Summit Day with good practical examples on cluster polices in India, USA and Russia. Cluster evaluation group had been managed by Madeline Smith and James Wilson at the Academic Track during Working Day. Klaus Haasis gathered the TCI mentors during Summit Day. Tracy Scott-Rimington leaded the TCI Oceania Chapter introducing participants to an interesting delegation from Australia. Jaime Echeverri had coordinated activities of the TCI Latin American Chapter.


Christian Ketels, TCI president and representatives from India, Russia and USA

Dr. Danka Milojkovic, director of the Cluster House Balkan & Black Sea Cluster Network, at the Academic Track „Collaborative Learning“ presented the topic “The importance of the cluster-based cross-border cooperation programme to broader regional networking and entrepreneurship development in the Balkans” with the following key learning points:

  • The importance of the cluster-based CBC programme to creation of a highly trustworthy and ethical work environment that provides long-term employment in the specific economic sectors determined after survey;
  • The contribution of the cluster-based CBC programme to share of population living below poverty in the Balkans reduced with special focused on the programme beneficiary countries;
  • The introduction to cluster-based economic development model in the countries in transitional economies.

The cluster-based CBC programme aims at the public-private dialogue development as a pre-condition for sustainable economic development in the region. Information and publicity events for popularization of clusters in the beneficiary countries are tools for export trade collaboration improvement between both countries, involvement of new members in the existing clusters and promotion of the clusters networks created by the programme to the markets of other EU regions/countries.

Within the conference session “A taste of worldwide cluster approaches” moderated by Dr. Danka Milojkovic, gathered cluster experts from four continents: Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. All clusters all over the world are different but they are from the same family.  Korean mini clusters as a new way for social-economic growth, Mexican cluster policy as a key ingrediant of other regional development polices, Russan Industrial Clusters concept and success stories of the Mexican and Russian Automotive Clusters, and Tunisian post-conflict cluster development initiated by the Association Tunisia Technoparks.


Geunwoo Ryu, Keimyung University (KR)



Leisan Abzalilova,Kama innovative regional production cluster (RU)


Andres Guimon, The Cluster Competitiveness Group INC (ES)


Gongi Neila, Association -Tunisia Technoparks (TN)


Rocio Prado, UPAEP UniversitySINTONIA (MX)

In spite the fact that the cluster still does not exist in BiH, in the heart of Netherlands during the Food Innovation Cluster Tour, the Cluster House met a lady Mrs. Emina Joosten Beslagic, a cluster manager of the Netherlands Food, Health and Energy Cluster.


Emina Joosten Beslagic and Danka Milojkovic

The Cluster House, as an exit strategy of the Danish LEDIB Programme, met with the Danish cluster expert from Quercus Group CPH in Eindhoven creating the Danish Balkans Cluster Excellence.


The innovation “The Oxygenbar” primal needs recovery base for feeling really refreshed after 10 minutes using, had been presented at the TCI 2016 conference in Eindhoven.


In company with s researcher of the innovation

At the city of innovation Eindhoven  the conference participants had an unique chance to enjoy in food of future: the Mr. Onion prepared the onion flavoured ice cream with insects



Eindhoven is the region with the highest density of Teslas, 10 superchargers in front of the conference venue hotel Van Der Valk.


Goodbye Eindhoven and the TCI 2016, see you at Bogota, Colombia on the TCI 2017.

TCI Global Cluster Conference 2016 Eindhoven Netherlands gallery