The first CZ-RS Cluster Forum was held in Nis, Serbia on 13th of October 2016 with aim to make an introductory step in connecting export oriented SMEs and clusters from Czech and Serbia. The first RS-CZ Cluster Forum was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 2nd of November 2016 in enabled business environment for making concrete business meetings and potential agreements for future partnerships, projects and export-import jobs.

Within the accompanying business matchmaking event between Czech Republic and Serbia in Novi Sad in September 2015, under the patronage of the Czech Prime Minister Mr. Bohuslav Sobotka and Serbian Prime Minister Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, supported by the Czech and Serbian Chambers of Economy, the MoU between the Czech National Cluster Association and the Serbian Cluster House had been ceremonially signed.

stoloviCZ-RS Business Forum in Novi Sad, 2.9.2015.

The six-month project CZ-RS CrossClustersNETworking SME Trade Bridge, based on the setting up of trade cooperation between export oriented SMEs in Czech and Serbia using the clusters as an efficient tool for transnational connections, started in May 2016.

dankappThe mission of the project is to encourage cross-border cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises – members of the export-oriented clusters through trade cooperation, joint ventures and investments, exchange of knowledge, transfer of know-how and access to new markets. The project is implementing in the framework of Aid for Trade Programme – Serbia, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Check Development Agency, the Serbian Cluster House and non-financially supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Embassy in Belgrade.

The RS-CZ Cluster Forum had been opened by high officials from Czech and Serbia:

  • Martin Pospíšil, Director of the Foreign Economic Policies Department I, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic – The performance of mutual Czech-Serbian trade
  1. E. Mrs. Vera Mavrić, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Prague–Economic relations between Republic of Serbia and Czech Republic
  • Milan Krstić, Mayor of Nis City Municipality MEDIJANA
  • Ivan Jančárek, Junior Deputy Minister, Section of Non-European Countries, Economic and Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, The role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in supporting Czech export policy.
  • Rostislav Jurka, General Director, ROSIVA Šumperk s.r.o. – practical information about business on the Serbian market
  • Danka Milojković, Director of the Cluster House, Serbia, Nis and Member of the Global TCI Network in Barcelona, Spain.

standupRS-CZ Cluster Forum in Prague – opening session

The Forum had been moderated by Dr. Pavla Bruskova, president of National Cluster Association, Ostrava.

The Forum gathered 15 representatives of the Serbian cluster community and over 30 Czech  clusters and SMEs in the following areas: EU funded projects – infrastructural and twining. Food processing industry. Automotive industry. Metal industry.  Wood-processing industry. Furniture production.  Creative industry – IT.  Construction.


Serbian cluster delegation – introduction session


Czech and Serbian cluster FAMILIES TOGETHER IN PRAGUE

The Czech National Cluster Association NCA hosted almost 50 SMEs and clusters in Prague  and contribute to over 30 B2B, C2B and C2C matchmaking meetings.


RS-CZ Cluster Forum – matchmaking session

During the RS-CZ Cluster Forum in Prague, representative of the project partners with project stakeholders discussed about posibilities to support the development of the Serbian cluster development policy based on the Czech cluster development policy transfer of knowledge and experience. The Cluster House and the Serbian Business Women Association initiative for establishment of the Serbian Women Entrepreneurship Cluster had been supported by the vice-prime minister Prof. Dr Zorana Mihajlovic in October.


Mayor of the Nis City Municipality MEDIJANA Mr. Milan Krstic and Mr. Zoran Zlatkovic, cluster manager of the Construction Cluster Opeka-Brick Nis in dialog with the potental Czech partners for building partnership for infrastructural projects supported by EU funds and municipality twinning programmes


Dr. Danka Milojkovic, director of the Cluster House with Czech clusters in energy efficiancy, tansport and logistic with the aim to support building the cluster-based partnerships between CZ and RS


Serbian and Checz Clusters in wood-processing and furniture production are developing partnership for accessing to EU funds and commercial export-import -based projects


Proleter company Kragujevac, a member of the Serbian Automotive Cluster in concrete business negotiation with the ATOMEX Group cluster from CZ

November 3, 2016 Serbian cluster delegation visit the business incubator in Prague, InQbay – Incubator of Czech Technical University in Prague. Partnership between VoRtex Group Novi Sad and InQbay was initiated with the aim to be developed in real partnership supporting the VoRTex’s innovation to become a patent which will be commercialised under the roof of the Incubator technical support.


The NCA and the Cluster House project teams with the Serbian cluster delegation in InQbay Prague

Forum has been followed by media.

Photos from this event are available via link


The NCA and the Cluster House project teams with the Serbian cluster delegation in Prague

pdf 1. AGENDA_RS-CZ FORUM in Prague 1-3.11.2016

pdf 2. C2C C2B B2B meetings schedule Prague