The first CZ-RS Cluster Forum was held in Nis, Serbia from 13 -14 October 2016

Within the accompanying business matchmaking event between Czech Republic and Serbia in Novi Sad in September 2015, under the patronage of the Czech Prime Minister Mr. Bohuslav Sobotka and Serbian Prime Minister Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, supported by the Czech and Serbian Chambers of Economy, the MoU between the Czech National Cluster Association and the Serbian Cluster House had been ceremonially signed.

The six-month project CZ-RS CrossClustersNETworking SME Trade Bridge, based on the setting up of trade cooperation between export oriented SMEs in Czech and Serbia using the clusters as an efficient tool for transnational connections, started in May 2016. The mission of the project is to encourage cross-border cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises – members of the export-oriented clusters through trade cooperation, joint ventures and investments, exchange of knowledge, transfer of know-how and access to new markets.

Initiators and authors of the project are the Global TCI Network members:



Dr. Pavla Bruskova, NCA President       Dr. Danka Milojkovic, Cluster House Director

The project is implementing in the framework of Aid for Trade Programme – Serbia, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Check Development Agency, the Serbian Cluster House and non-financially supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Embassy in Belgrade.


Czech Cluster Family representatives


CZ-RS Cluster Forum – opening session

The Forum had been opened by representatives from national and regional officials from Serbia:

  • Mr. Milija Miletić, Deputy of National Assembly  of the Republic of Serbia


  • Zeljko Stojanovic, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication of the Republic of Serbia
  • Milan Krstić, Mayor of the Medijana Municipality, Niš, Serbia
  • On behalf of the President of Kursumlija Municipality Mr. Dragan Simić, cluster manager, Tourism Cluster Radan, Kuršumlija Municipality, Serbia


The Forum gathered 12 representatives of the Czech clusters and companies and over 70 Serbian clusters and SMEs in the following areas:

EU funded projects. Food processing. Wellness and Health Tourism. Metal sector. Machinery industry. Packaging, chemical industry, bio medicine, recycle industry/waste collection and treatmentEnergetics, ecology, oil and gas processing. Wood-processing, Furniture production. Nanotechnology – Agriculture and Food Industry , Chemical Industry (Plastic Material Production) , Textile industryfunctionalized membranes, application of special composite Nano fibrous yarns.

The Cluster House hosted over 100 SMEs, clusters and academia representativesfrom Czech and Serbia  in Nis, Serbia  and contribute to over 60 B2B, C2B and C2C matchmaking meetings.

During the CZ-RS Cluster Forum in Nis, representative of the Serbian Buisness Women Association and their members supported by the Cluster House initiated the first Serbian Women Cluster Initiative.

October 14, 2016 Check delegation attended the Tourism Cluster Learning Trip „Davil’s Town“ UNESCO protected location within the frame of the Torusim Cluster Radan Kursumlija, South Serbia, with the aims of getting better overwie of the development of cluster-based value chain, hearing the Serbian cluster best pratice and to contribute to the further internationalization of the clusters and SMEs cooperation in this part of Serbia.

The special significat of this event is that it was organized during the week when the Serbain Prime Minister with Ministries spend a week in the City of Nis with the aim to better understand needs and challenges of Serbian people from the South East Serbia which is the poorest part of Serbia but with the huge capacities in agriculture and food processing, textile, construction, wood processing and furniture production, metal, energy and IT.

From 1-3 November 2016 the Serbian Cluster Family will visit Prague with the aim to further develop business cooperation which started in Serbia and to support transfer of lessons learnt and the best practices in the filed of cluster-based economic development.

The following project outputs will be achieved:

  • export-oriented clusters and SMEs in the CZ & RS is mapped and business cooperation is initiated
  • interactive web platform/forum for direct business cooperation between the CZ & RS developed
  • case studies of the successful internationalisation of SMEs in clusters in CZ & RS are created
  • Internationalisation strategies of two clusters in CZ & RS are prepared.



CZ Clusters presentations


YUMIS company Nis led by Mr. Milovan Kocić,

a member of the CH Agro Cluster and a founder of the LEDIB Cluster House Union


Serbian Women Cluster Initiative started at the CZ-RS Forum in Nis, October 13, 2016



Tourism Cluster Learning Trip „Davil’s Town“ UNESCO protected location

– Torusim Cluster Radan Kursumlija, South Serbia

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