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Days of Clusters 2015 in Romania




The 6th Balkan and Black Sea Conference „Days of Clusters 2015“ will be held in Brasov, Romania on 22-23 October 2015. The Days of Clusters conference is an unique cluster event in the region, which had been held in Nis-Serbia 2010 – 2012; in Sofia- Bulgaria 2013 and in Tekirdag-Turkey 2014.

Days of Clusters 2015, organized in Romania during Brasov Technology Festival, promises to be one of the most important Cluster events in the Balkans with highly recognized speakers presenting many tracks including over 38 talks exploring smart cluster stories to both inspire and challenge you. Special focus this year will be devoted to the creative industries sector.



  • one day of conference talks and sharing experience
  • a full day to improve networking opportunities and to shape real cluster partnerships
  • a day to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place called Transylvania
  • international speakers | special guests
  • mix of business events to share experiences and make your presence known
  • plenty of best practices, knowledge exchanges and networking opportunities
  • explore new cluster partnerships for joint activities.
  • map out new partnering opportunities and possible joint actions
  • more than 200 attendees - cluster practitioners, cluster managers, representatives of public and education and R&D institutions, companies and media.
  • present your success stories and good practices
  • grow your network: find new business opportunities or partnerships for your projects


Online registration early bird ends 2nd October




Increase of the capacities for joint economic development based on the cluster concept in cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia represents the initial spark for the Balkan Cluster project that is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme.

Project partners are the Cluster House from Niš and the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development from Sofia.  Project was launched in late April this year and activities will be implemented during the next 12 months.



First Call for proposals of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme


Start date: 17.08.15

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria (Managing Authority)

in cooperation with

Government of the Republic of Serbia European Integration Office – SEIO (National Authority)

Announce on the 17.08.2015 the First Call for project proposals under the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme, with aim to improve the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia. The Programme is co-financed from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II (IPA II) of the European Union.

The overall objective of the Programme is to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of the Bulgaria-Serbia border region integrated in the European space – achieved through smart economic growth, environmental change adaptation and learning culture enhancement.

The total amount allocated to the First Call for proposals is € 12,687,304.24.





More efficient and faster economic development based on the concept of clusters in cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia is seen through the project Balkan Cluster. The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme.

This project implements in partnership Cluster House from Nis and the Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurship from Sofia and was launched in late April this year with a term of implementation of one year.





Dear Balkan Cluster Network Members,

Dear Cluster House Friends,


We are pleased to inform you that the 6th Balkan & Black Sea Conference “DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2015” will be held from 22nd to 23rd of October 2015 in Brașov, Romania.

The Innovation and Technology Cluster Alt Brasov is the host and co-organizer of this year’s conference. The main partner of the conference is The Romanian Association of Clusters CLUSTERO Bucharest. The main supporting institution of this year’s conference is the Global TCI Network from Barcelona. And finally the founder and conference co-organizer is forever your Cluster House.