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Through clusters networking to new markets

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Conference organizers:


Cluster House

Zgrada Banovine, ulaz RPK Niš, I sprat
Dobrička 2, 18000 Niš, Serbia
Tel: +381 18 522 120
Fax: +381 18 511 240
Mob: + 381 66 801 40 31
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Trakya Development Agency

+90(282) 263 37 37
Karides Sok No:1 Dinçgül Özçakı İş Merkezi Hürriyet Mah. Süleymanpaşa Tekirdağ
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5th Balkan Black Sea Conference "Days of Clusters 2014" will be held on 30th and 31st October in Tekirdag, on the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. Registrations are in progress, and so far has been registered more than 100 participants from 15 countries.


Upon the proposal of Mr. Vedat Kunt, cluster development expert from Izmir www.vego.com.tr , this year's conference is enriched with session "Cross-border wine cooperation", which brings together top wine producers from the Balkans and the Black Sea region.


Agenda of the conference in the wine session includes attendance of Mr. Can-Ortabas from Izmir, president of the „URLA winery” (facebook/urlawines, twitter/urlawines) winner of gold medal at the prestigious Chinese competition in 2013, "China wine and spirits awards", the owner of 200 hectares of vineyards and farm that annually is visited by 25,000 people, since the winery was declared as one of the 10 projects in the field of solar energy.




Thrace region, where is located Tekirdag, is the third in development in Turkey and Turkey is 17th economic power in the world. In addition to a number of industrial areas and a large number of international companies in the Thracian region is established cluster of wine under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce Tekirdag  www.tekirdagtso.org.tr, under the leadership of Mr. Cengiz Gunay. Winemaker Cluster is in close partner relationships with cluster of winemakers from Spain.


Cross border connection of wine and spirits producers in the "Days of Clusters" should encourage the establishment of cluster of wine and spirits in the region and to connect producers, to exchange experiences, knowledge, techniques and technologies and finding new markets.


The conference presenters will be also Mr. Selim Ellialtı from "SUVLA winery" www.suvla.com and Mr. Cem Cetintas founder of “Melen Winery" www.melenwinery.com from Thrace region, as well as Mr. Dr Marko Koščak from Slovenia, who will speak about the wine producers, brand "Cvicek" and cultural tourism opportunities of Dolenjske and Bela Krajina in Slovenia www.strucna-putovanja.com . Participants in the wine session will be Mr. Ivica Velkovski from Tikveš Wine Cluster from Macedonia www.tikveswineroute.com and Mr. Dr Goran Radević owner of the "Radevic winery " www.radevicestate.com from Montenegro.


Conference participants will be able to expose their products, wine, brandy and promotional material, at one hour-long exhibition event "Info Cluster Hour" during the first day of the conference, with the media coverage and the possibility of direct talks with potential partners.


The idea of the organizers is to prepare special edition of the "Infocluster" Magazine, three lingual edition (Serbian, Turkish and English) which will be dedicated to wine and spirits in the region, if there is an interest for that. Magazine editor, Ms Smilja Bojovic will prepare an article on each wine producer. Summary will be in Turkish and English, and advertising space will be available.


Participation in the conference is co-financed and includes the cost of accommodation, ranging from EUR 30-50 per person per day and transportation of participants. Participation in the conference is free if you carry out on-line registration by October 17th www.daniklastera.clusterhouse.rs and includes participation in all conference sessions, two lunches, coffee breaks, conference materials, exhibiting at the “Info Cluster Hour” during the first conference day, a gala dinner and special program, sightseeing tour to Tekirdag and Edirne on November 1st with guide and lunch organized.


WE INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONFERENCE and to contribute to cluster synergies in the region through finding strategic partners and new markets.




[1] Photos from the URLA winery, Izmir, Turkey





Registration for the conference DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2014“in Turkey started

and will be free of charge up to October 17th.

Please fill the registration form.

Deadline for free registration is October, 17th.

Registration fee after October 17th is EUR 60.00 per person.

For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Nihan KAYA,
Phone: +90 282 263 37 37 Extension: 156
Cell: +90 551 405 58 80
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Great interest for the „DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2014“in Turkey

Conference “Days of Clusters 2014”, scheduled for late October 2014, already attracting big interest in the region. At this moment, three months before the conference, there are participants from 13 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Demark, Germany, Austria,  and inquiries for participation from Bosnia, Hungary, Greece, Monaco, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, New Zeland and Egypt.


With great pleasure we would like to inform you that information about conference “Days of Clusters 2014” in Turkey is announced in the latest TCI newsletter:  http://tci-network.org/news/card/821 . Through the TCI network, over 9,000 cluster practitioners from development agencies, government departments, cluster organizations, academic institutions, companies and multilateral organizations in over 110 countries all over the world are informed about our cluster event in Turkey. Similar information is also announced in the European Cluster Collaboration Platform: http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/news;jsessionid=31DC54712BED9BE09123CE1C86AA20BD


Tekirdag and Trakya region, where conference will be held, will become well-known place in the cluster network world, and this will also have impact on all aspects of the development of the city and the Trakya region. The Cluster House, as a coordinator of the Balkan Clusters Network attracted 10 new members from the Balkan region and a special member from Spain.